Global Connect Program

Saint Bachanpuri International School

What it is ?

SBIS global Connect is a global exposure program designed especially for students of SBIS, to learn from teachers all over the globe. It aims at bringing International Curriculum to doorsteps , providing children an opportunity to learn and interact with friends and students of similar age groups all over the globe.

Why a Global Connect Program?

Even a Sage as big , serene, simple and sober as Vivekananda had to visit overseas and mark his presence with his virtues , to prove , and cement his thoughts in front of the whole world. It was his global tour that provided respect to Indian culture and values. In the times of Internet where each and every country is just a call apart , such an opportunity is surely a blessing in disguise. Global Exposure and global level interaction provide our kids with an opportunity to know about various cultures and share their own values with others, thus breaking stereotypes.

Aim of the Program:
  • Develop communication level in students
  • Develop confidence in using English as a Second language
  • Developing global aptitude.
  • Cultural exchange Amongst countries
  • Knowledge Exchange
  • Creating opportunities for students globally in future.
  • Providing International level of learning.

  • How we do that?

    Students are given project to work upon in a given time frame, while working on that project, they will be working as a team with their fellow school mates from various classes , depending on the projects need. The project can vary from a week to a month or a year , depending on the country and the school. A common topic is picked up between schools, children perform their research work with the help of a guide teacher, simultaneously they interact with the partner school on fixed date and time, depending upon the time zones, this gives them a chance to discuss the effect of the same topic at different geographical locations.

    Few projects we have already worked upon :
  • Agricultural practices Difference in Punjab and Brazil.
  • Drug Abuse at National and International level
  • Save the River project.
  • How to start a business in our own country.
  • Food we eat
  • International Law and its implications.
  • Who can participate?

    Students of SBIS will be selected for the project based on their aptitude and communication levels. Students of class III onwards will be made part of the project.

    Requirements for the Project :
  • Basic communication skills
  • General Aptitude
  • Writing skills
  • Stay Back in after school hours
  • Visit school on time for video conferencing as per the time zone
  • NOTE : These projects will be run in timings after school dispersal. So, parents need to take responsibility of picking up students. You need to submit a No objection form for that, declaring that you will pick up the child in after school hours on the designated time and date.

    Duration of the projects:

    It is variable can vary from a week to a month.

    Timings of video meets :

    It is dependable on the time zone and the country with whom we are having the project